Interview with a street photographer of Kyiv youth

Diana Nikolaichuk is a street photographer who documents slice-of-life moments on a tape camera. She mostly documents evening-parties, walks with friends and places that attract attention by being charming. “My project is a private collection of photos. It is more than something for wide public. However, if I elect to share a certain photo — it is the echo of how the young people have chill in the capital,” the photographer comments.

Journalist: “In general, how did you come up with the idea of such archive?”

“I always liked everything to take pictures. Firstly, these were flowers near the house, then cups of coffee, now I document my friends on evening-parties and our city walks. An idea came since I understood, that there had been lots of good photos already, they needed to be collected in one place. So there was a project.

Journalist: “Do you plan to do the urban exhibition of your works in the nearest future?”

“I don’t. In the nearest future – definitely no. The project is always something that needs quite a bit of time and attention to the details, and I want to do like I see it in my head, I don’t need to hurry up.”

Journalist: “Do you lean on experience of European photographers?”

“No. I don’t follow photographers from Europe, don’t follow even Ukrainian ones. In fact I find no sense in it. In my opinion, photography – it is something very intimate, actually, that is why I take photos just the way I feel them. These feelings are what I try to make my audience feel.”

Journalist: “Who could you recommend a ‘novice’ to watch, follow after, in order to become closer to the Kyiv youth culture?”

“About photographers – Yana Franz, photographer that documents raves mostly. It goes out very frankly, and it creates an unsurpassed atmosphere. That is what is needed to begin an acquaintance with an urban culture. I guess that important personalities include DJ-s too. Among them I will mark such ones: Sasha Zlykh, Denys Polyakov and Jana Woodstock. In the capital, this trinity is probably known by everyone. Among establishments that will expose Kyiv fully, with all their specific character, whims and lightness, I would call ‘Parakalo’ bar, ‘OKNO’ (window) bar, ‘Kosatka’ (killer whale) and ‘Kashtan’ (chestnut). Visiting them, you will understand everything by yourself.

Journalist: “Do you plan to develop yourself in the direction of photography in the future?”

“Yes, I do. Absolutely. Photography is one of those employments, which, as for me, never makes you feel bored. In fact there’s constantly something new every time. In the future I want to pay more attention to this hobby, work on it.

Journalist: “And at the end, tell us a bit about your sources of inspiration, motivation and desire?”

“In fact, hardly it will go out to distinguish something one, everything acts its role. When you are creative inwardly, you don’t need to search a source outwardly, in fact it is inside of you. Usually, my pictures are simple moment contributions. Just like it as it is — bare and real. There are no preparations; all settings are completely natural. Just think about modern art and do it like this.

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