Interview with Timothee Chalamet. Drama film ‘Call Me By Your Name’ : Reality and Homosexuality

Tania Myronysheva: “Oh my God! It`s a real Timothee Chalamet in front of me!”

Timothee Chalamet: “Ha-ha… I am also glad to meet you, Tania.”

Tania: “I think you understand that it was a bit ironic start, which is due to the topic of our interview. We’ll talk about a movie that made you a real Hollywood star.”

Tim: “Okay, let’s start.”

Tania: “My first question; you became popular in just one day after the premier of the film ‘Call me by your name.’ What do you feel at that moment?”

Tim: “Frankly speaking, there were contradictory feelings. I was a simple guy, who one day was declared as a sex icon of a whole generation. And it was like, “Who? Me? Are you joking?”

Tania: “What is your favorite scene in the movie?”

Tim: “The one where Elio first tells Oliver about his feelings. The director decided to shoot this episode in one shot. I think it was the right decision. This moment looked very natural. I’ve got goose bumps every time I recall this scene.”

Tania: “You`re so sensitive and emotional. I just can’t help asking about the situation with a peach, ha-ha… Maybe everyone remembers the scene where you masturbated with this fruit. And my question is simple. Can you eat it after that?”

Tim: “Ha-ha. I can still eat peaches, but I always remember that moment. This is probably the most awkward scene you can watch with your parents. But I must say, I love every episode of this movie, even this one.”

Tania: “Okay. Now it sounds like a story of popularity everyone dream of. Was it really so simple, sweet and sloppy?”

Tim: “Unfortunately, it wasn’t. First, because everyone perceived me as 17-year-old Elio, who fell in love with other guy on the Italian Riviera. It was difficult for people to understand that this guy from the computer screen is just a character.”

Tania: “Let’s break this myth. Tell us about your actual sexual orientation. And are you dating anyone right now?”

Tim: “I officially declare that I’m a heterosexual. I like girls and had relationships with them. But right now I’m free as a bird. And I think, I should add, my heterosexuality is due only to my physiological characteristics, not because I am homophobic.”

Tania: “Recorded! And now let’s back to the topic. This is just one side of popularity, which called ‘frustrated fans. But in the other side, many viewers didn’t accept the film at all. What can you say about it?”

Tim: “Unfortunately, this is true. After this film, I realized how cruel some people are. It was unpleasant. Not everyone is ready to accept homosexual relations so freely.”

Tania: “However you and Oliver (your partner in film) showed us that love between 2 boys can be so amazing and romantic! Like any other kind of love, if it happens sincerely.”

Tim: “Thank you so much! Personally, my task in this movie as a protagonist was to portrait a world in which the traditional values are love and freedom, not prejudice and stereotypes. This is the world I want to live in.”

Tania: “And it is possible! The movie has become very popular. I think it means we are moving in the right direction.”

Tim: “Undoubtedly. The film received really great feedback.”

Tania: “And it`s just a beginning! Thank you for coming!”

Tim: “Thank you for inviting!”

October 12, 2020

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