Interview with Ukrainian writer Anna More

Hello. Tell our readers about yourself. In my opinion it can be good start of our talks. Where did you study? Work?”

“Hi, I`m Anna More. I was a student at the Institute of Journalism, Taras Shevchenko National University. Finished the baccalaureate in radio journalism and Master`s programs in art history. Now I work as an editor of a website, a reporter, and a PR-manager on public radio. Besides, I`m a host of podcast about information in media and a creator of documental material for Radio Culture. But, at first, I`m a writer.”

Wow, you are a very active person. Where did you get so much time?”

“Oh… I just don`t think about it. I don`t think about time and that’s all. Sometimes people spend a lot of time just thinking. And they don`t understand that time has gone. They must just do something.”

Can you describe yourself in one sentence?”

“Hmmmm… I know! A child who doesn’t want to be an adult.”


“Because adults are always just thinking about some action and doing nothing.”

I agree with you, it is true, unfortunately. Okay? Let`s speak about your texts. What is the theme of your stories? Where do you get your ideas from?”

“I try to find themes in my surrounding. It is important to feel the world and yourself. Recently I have been writing about politics or social problems. Because poetry, I think, is powerful instrument, which can change your opinion thanks to emotions.”

What about your personal style? Can you describe it?”

“One fine day, one man from TV said that my texts and texts of my friends are indie-rap. It is a poem without rhyme, which `shoots` with words. For me, it is important. It is vital to have a rhythm, to love language and feelings.”

Are you publishing your poems? Where?”

“Yeah, you can enjoy my texts in Telegram-channel.”

Do you take part in writing activities? If yes, can you tell about it?”

“Every year I organize street`s reading `Kraplinni`


Besides, with my boyfriend I organize the social project `Rehabilitrary centre`. Always take part in BookForum, Mystetskyi Arsenal and seminars of different publishers. Often I go to Lviv, Frankivsk, Chernivci, Kharkiv and Odessa. In Kyiv I like go to literary parties.”

Did you feel burnt-out?”

“I felt it every day in 2020. Maybe because of work or social depression, I don’t know. But when I notice that I write nothing I will sit and brainstorm my mind to think up an idea. It can be something banal, but at least it is something.”

Do you have a plan for the future?”

“I want to popularize modern poems. At first, to popularize musical compositions in genre of indie rap musical words (you can listen here, you can read some information about text here). My dream is creating some single, publishing album and traveling with musicians.”

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