Interview with Vladislava Solovieva

Hi! Howdy-dowdy! Dear readers of my blog, today I got lucky to take a short interview with my friend Vladislava Solovieva. I asked her to give a couple of answers to my questions, not because she is my close friend, but because she is a blockbuster Kyiv blogger. Her Instagram account has over 50,000 subscribers. In this article, you will find out how Vlada earned her first money on her own, what troubles she faced, and what is the best option to promote your blog in 2020.

“Hello again, Vlada. I am very glad that you took the time for this short interview.”

“Hi, Dima. I’m pleased that you invited me too. I’m looking forward to your questions.”

“Well, I will not waste time. The first thing that interests me most now is the beginning of your creative path. Tell us how you got your first ten thousand subscribers?”

“Oh, actually I’m very lucky here. At the age of 16, a famous performer invited me to play the main role in the video. I still remember my emotions. I have always dreamed of acting in a video clip at least once in my life. I immediately agreed, because I understood that this was the very opportunity to become one step closer to popularity. I arrived at the right location at the right time. Filming lasted one day, but it lasted a very long time. I was worried, but I didn’t show it, because I wanted to look serious and determined to work. By the way, the clip came out cool and scored more than a million views. After the release of this video, people immediately started following me. Some shops have even offered cooperation. I was incredibly happy. By the way, a new video with my participation from one foreign artist will be released soon. Follow my Instagram profile.”

“It’s actually really cool. Such chances should never be missed. And just grab them. Since we have moved on to this topic about cooperation – tell us how you earned your first money?”

“After my first success, many employers realized that there had already been a small demand around me. I received letters from cosmetics stores, showrooms, perfume stores. At first, I worked on a barter basis. They just sent me the product that I chose – and in return I made a recommendation to my subscribers. And what about my first earnings? Hmm … Oh, I remembered! One girl wanted to advertise her blog on Instagram. And she decided to offer me cooperation. I advertised her profile and received the first 1000 rubles. The first independent money earned is emotions that cannot be described in any way.”

“Oh yeah! In this regard, I understand you perfectly. I immediately ran to the store to buy the very sneakers I dreamed of. What did you get with your first money?”

“I remember that then I was collecting money for a new phone. And after each cooperation, I put off a certain part and soon got a new good phone myself.”

“It’s really cool! I think your parents were very proud of you.”

“ Yes it is! Mom praised me very much.”

“Well. Let’s roll to the next question. Have you encountered any hate or jealousy? Did they wish you any harm? How did you deal with it?”

“Yes, of course, I did. Since I was little then, it was difficult for me to bear it. But I was lucky to have great parents and friends who supported me then. By the way, you helped me a lot that day.”

“Oh yes, I remember.”

“Some girl always wrote me harassing messengers and threatened to meet me and spray my face with something poisonous. I was very worried. But I soon realized that these were just Internet trolls. Therefore, I quickly delved into it and stopped paying attention to this.”

“You’re really great. At the age of 16, children usually have a vulnerable psyche. You had the strength and courage not to pay attention to it. Well, let’s move on to the last question then.”

“Come on!”

“How can you promote your personal blog now? Do you have any recommendations or is it a secret? Maybe your advice will be useful to my readers.”

“There are no secrets. Everywhere you need your charisma. You don’t need to build an image, you must always be real and people will be drawn to you. At the moment, I am promoting my Instagram profile using a new, equally popular application – TikTok. Every day I put clips, funny and live videos there. There is a video that has received over a million views. Subscribers see my blog name and follow me on Instagram. Therefore, in 2020, the best way to promote, in my opinion, is TikTok.”

“I completely agree with you, as I am trying to promote my blog on TikTok personally now. And there is success, though just odd enough. Well, I was happy to talk to you frankly and on serious topics. I hope that my subscribers were interested and, maybe, they took something useful for themselves.

“Thank you, Dima. I was glad to answer your amusing questions. I will look forward to your interview with me on your website.”

“Thank you for your attention to my work. Let’s stay in touch!”

“Bye-bye, butterfly! Yeah, exactly! Bye, everyone!”

“I hope you found it interesting to read this mini-interview with my smart friend. I wish you not to get sick, to develop by yourself and reach heights! Stay classy! Best wishes, Dima!”

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