Into the unknown

(adventure story)

Oh my gosh. What was that? Why do I have this large bump on my forehead? And then I remember… Mysterious forest in the mountains. A tunnel that leads to nowhere. Well, apparently it leads here. How would I get here if the tunnel wasn`t there?

I got up. My head hurts…I hit it when I fell…That`s because I fell when I was running in the forest.

I need to find out my location. I cant just wander around this mysterious forest. Oh, by the way, my names Montana and I have been looking for this forest my whole life. Now I`m here and I have no clue how to get home.

Its really dangerous here. I saw big birds on the trees and there were neon snakes underneath my feet. And I think I have just heard a sound of an erupting volcano. Oh my gosh. Im in so much trouble…

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