“Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon”

(book review)

5 stars. The book “Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon” is as bright and beautiful as its author. Inspiration, inspiration and a lot more inspiration — that’s what I felt while reading this book. The whole reading process was like a conversation with my best friend, and sometimes even with a mentor.

What should we know about this amazing woman? I want to quote John Demsey, President of the Executive Group, Estée Lauder Companies: “Iris Apfel is one of the greatest contemporary style icons. A fashion influencer, brand ambassador, model, movie star and designer, she told everyone that aging is not an end point, but an art. Iris shows us what it means to live well. ”

A huge number of tips and life rules, descriptions of cases from childhood, stories from the present, descriptions of dresses, fabrics and accessories, historical events in which Iris was a participant, reflections on life, love and people, essays on style and reasoning on a variety of topics — these are just a short list of why you will love this book. In addition, illustrations and photographs from Iris’ personal archive deserve special attention, which perfectly complement the book. This bright layout immediately sunk into my soul.

As for the cons, as for me, some of the stories were told a little succinctly, I would like them to be longer and supplemented with more details.

I am absolutely sure that this book will teach you to live brightly, to enjoy the moment. She will definitely fall into the top list of those who are interested in bright personalities, fashion, beauty, style and are inspired by stories about successful people. My rating is 10/10.

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