Is it dangerous to travel in Romania? With Romas?

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A few years ago I went to Baia Mare, Romania. I rode with my handball team on European Championship.

At first you should know that the border is crossed by foot. So you need to get by train to Solotvyno and from there through the Ukrainian customs to the bridge leading to the Romanian customs. I guess it is uncomfortable. So when you have already tired, you keep in mind there is still a long way to go.

Also, you should know how to get to your hotel after customs clearance.

Imagine that you are already in place. For example, in a chic room, which is located in a two-story house. By the way in similar houses at an entrance you necessarily take off footwear and put on slippers, cause the owners love cleanliness so much.

Your next step after settling is to explore the area. But try not to get lost in the scenery, cause of the beauty of that nature demolishing your roof. You will be surrounded by mountains, but you do not succumb to their magic! In fact, the mountains there are unsurpassed. I took photos nature after every my step, because I couldn’t be master of oneself.

As for people who lives here. They remind me of Romas, but be sure they won’t touch your pockets with purses or wallets.

I fall in love with this climate. In winter it is not as cold as in Ukraine and in summer it is moderately hot.

Ouch, I forgot to say that the architecture there is not inferior to nature. There will be cool photos if you take pictures against the background of those sights.

As for going shopping, there are a lot different products which we don`t see on the shelves of supermarkets in Ukraine. You can say goodbye to your money!

I can say with confidence that I recommend this place for a visit!

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