Is Modern Music Really Badong and Bummer?

Now quite often you can hear an opinion about the bad taste of modern youth. Their music is dominated by lust and sex, drugs and kitsch wealth, love for show and other “disgusting things.” Indeed, in a sense, there is some truth in these words. Let’s figure it out.

Modern pop, and often under-scenes are represented by rap (now at the peak of popularity, its offshoot – “trap”) performers. And although at the origins of the genre, the leitmotif of the performers’ creativity was an outpouring of the soul about a difficult life, childhood, mostly “for their own,” the same themes; the current performers are the exact opposite – their “credo” sounds something like this: “it doesn’t matter what your starting point was. What matters is where you go! And indeed, most of the currently popular performers are from the outskirts, regions, wilderness. They did not complain about their lives, but worked for the good of their lives. It deserves respect.

Another thing is the lyrics of these performers. But this is completely nit-picking to the genre. The trap is characterized by texts about the “good” life, money, and sexual relations. Blame for the genre, not the person.

Music is now monetized more than ever. The easiest way for a novice artist is to join the popular trend. This is how many, if not all, started out.

As a big fan of rock, jazz and blues, dozens of performers and hundreds of albums, written on this principle, immediately come to mind for me. The first 2 albums of The Beatles were rock and roll, as uncle Elvis bequeathed. Later, under the influence of various substances, the four will give out chic “Sgt. Pepper” or “Abbey Road.”

My favorite David Bowie, although he stood out for his special manner of performance, was in fact the same rock and roll player. So Bowie has the song “Cracked Actor” which speaks directly to the immoral lifestyle. This is how Bowie can be attracted to the corruption of youth and the breakdown of values. But after all, the majority of those who condemn now – listened to the above performers. They loved them with all their hearts. Moreover, in the countries of the former Soviet Union, there were many people who listened, and maybe even admired such bands as “Zvuki Mu,” “Sektor Gaza” or “Kino.” Pyotr Mamonov dedicated a song to a bottle of vodka, Yuri Klinskikh — an album about drug addiction and the fight against it, Viktor Tsoi — a song about marijuana. These themes have been hot in the past. They were heard everywhere. It was the norm. What they are singing about now is incomprehensible to many. But they do not understand the main thing – the form has changed, but not the content.

I love live, instrumental music, too. It’s complex, and I’m interested in understanding it, like the work of Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Frank Zappa and many, many other geniuses of the musical architecture. Earlier, I also criticized the “newfangled nonsense,” but I realized something, and I want to share this truth with you. Don’t judge what you don’t understand. It’s easier to live that way. This makes life more interesting. This is how you can live! And remember, music is eternal!

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