“Is this dish tasty for you?”

What to do if you do not like the dish in the café


SITUATION: you ordered a dish in a restaurant, but you did not like it. You don’t know what to say when the waiter asks if it was delicious. Find out what to say when you don’t like food.

When you are unhappy with a meal, it is the best to talk about it right away. Many people are ashamed or think that even if nothing is said, nothing will change. There is a passive resentment, which erupts in the response on social networks and angry stories to friends. The main thing is not to take offense immediately, but to show care and learn the details of the situation. The restaurant is primarily people who do not care; so many situations can be corrected on the spot.

If the guest does not like the dish, he may not pay for it. It may seem that unscrupulous customers will take advantage of this, but there are fewer of them than they used to think. It is worth finding out the reason why guests do not like the dish. Sometimes the food is good, just the expectations or tastes of the guest did not match what he or she got. We should remember that the tastes differ, they are not in dispute, and waitresses are not supposed to impose dishes on guests. And try to offer what suits him best.

For example, if a restaurant has recently opened, it is not clear whether visitors like the menu or not. According to the reviews, you can adjust the menu, change the look of the dish and serving. After all, the main thing is that the customer liked the final product. In addition, thanks to the reviews, you can understand whether the chef cooks properly and deliciously, or watch the serving. For example, they forgot to put micro greens in the dish, which is always served with steak, and a regular visitor often orders it for dinner and notices a mistake. It is possible that the chef or the waiter did not pay attention to such a trifle, but for the client this situation is unpleasant.

You should tell the waiter about the bad food immediately and directly: for example, if a dish was not cooked properly, oversalted or overcooked. Dissatisfied customers are usually given a “compliment” and tasteless food is removed from the check, because restaurants value their reputation and make concessions to guests.

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