“It’s My Choice!”

How many generations of Ukrainian people must be killed so that people can finally understand that what is happening in Ukraine now is not a coincidence, an accident and not the fault of one mad “leader.”

That situation happens over and over again, our neighbor has been killing our people, destroying our culture and history, annihilating our identity all the time. Generations are changing, regimes of rule are changing, but the result is the same; there is not a single generation of Ukrainians who would not suffer from that friendly country called Russia. It is not surprising that 75% of Russians support this war, their government and their decisions about Ukraine now. Though some experts say that all sociological surveys in Russia are fakes or deep fakes, nevertheless…Can you still say that the people are not guilty and these are different things, people and government are separated? That`s funny, cause we can say the same thing about any other country, not about the USA or Italy, etc. Perhaps we should just take for granted the fact that Russian leaders are the slayers of the Ukrainian nation, and there can be no compromises, cooperation or anything in common between us, and the language should go on the first place.

The Ukrainian language is what distinguishes us from other nationalities, it is what shows “I am yours,” what will identify us abroad and make us different from the Russians in the eyes of foreigners, so the phrase “what a difference” is inappropriate here. Yes, you have the choice to speak different languages, there is no ban, but, please, understand that this is not your choice, but a well-worked propaganda that has been going on since the days of the Soviet Union, because for some reason before their arrival and repression, all Ukrainians chose the Ukrainian language. And really, after all these tragic events, your choice still stops at the Russian language, the language in which orders for the murder of Ukrainians have been given for so many years?

We must defend Ukraine, its integrity and identity, and the language is one of its components, so now more than ever we need to support, protect and develop it, not ignore this problems and say “The Ukrainian language is my choice! “

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