It Started From The Red Car…

(detective story)

Josh was 5 years old when he came to his friend’s Lucas house. They were playing, laughing, and messing around. Then Lucas came out to bring tea for boys and at this moment Josh realized that he very likes Lucas’s new car – red, shiny and fast. He didn’t understand how, but his hands unknowingly reached for the car and he hid it in his backpack. It was his first time.

Josh was 10 ten years old when he stole a neighbor’s bicycle. He didn’t understand how he made it. It happened somehow by itself. Gradually his room started to fill with different small things and his parents just didn’t notice it.

Josh was 16 years old when he tried to steal a mobile phone from the store, but he was caught by the seller. His parents were called there and paid a fine without calling the police. Josh had a very hard conversation at home and needed to visit a psychotherapist once a week because his parents realized the problem and tried to solve it.

Josh was 20 years old when he was in college and it was his first time when he stole something after a psychotherapy course. And it was a robbery of a jeweler store with his friends, who helped Josh because they made it for fun.

Josh is 27 years old, and he sits on his couch in his own house. He watches TV and eats popcorn, but nobody knows that recently he has stolen something very special… In his basement cries a young girl whom he kidnapped just from the street when she went home after her first college party…

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