It Was. It Is. It Will Be

(short story)

They couldn’t be friends. Tried to please each other. “Is” did not satisfy.“Was” scared a bit. “Will” was in doubts looking at “Were.” As for “Is”, it wanted to be “Is.”

The years passed by.

“Will” flew into “Is.”

“Was” gradually grew up.

“Is” did not change — the same 168 cm.

“Will” grew up too, invariably turning into “Is” saying always, “Where is my Soupper- Supper and Surreal-Cereal?”

They did not meet, but…

Once. Moving from chair-to-chair, they gathered in one office, with the help of two people.

They talked, and talked, and talked…and uttered, “We’re together. We were, are and will be together. “Having set goals, having built plans, they departed in different directions.

“Will”, an old woman with a wand and a big bag, went to a log house in the mountains.

“Was”, a little girl with pigtails, ran off skipping joyfully in the metropolis of the future.

And only “Is”, looking on departing sisters stayed in office. She glanced at the mirror while leaving it.

“Was! Thanks for a couple of wrinkles under my eyes. Will! Thanks for the cheery twinkles in my eyes.”

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