Jennifer Lawrence: How I Became An Actress


Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest Hollywood stars and the brightest actress of her generation. Let’s find out more about how Jennifer Lawrence became an actress.

You started acting at the age of 14, without even graduating from high school. Was an acting career your childhood dream?”

Jennifer Lawrence: Not really. As a child, I intended to become a doctor. Although for this I, perhaps, would not have had enough perseverance. On the other hand, I have always loved to pretend to be someone, invented pseudonyms for myself. At the same time, for some reason, it never occurred that I could become an actress.”

And how did it all start then?”

Jennifer Lawrence: Once my mother and I went to New York on vacation, and there I was photographed by some people from the agency, they offered me a contract. I was fired up by this idea, and my parents were categorically against it — they wanted me to finish school first. In the end, we agreed that I would finish my studies as an external student. I suspect they figured that sooner or later I would get tired of living away from home and give up. But I really enjoyed going to auditions — I felt like I was doing what I was doing for the first time. I never even thought that my acting career might not work out. This naive adolescent determination has never left me.”

You once mentioned that you never studied acting. Was this a conscious decision?”

Jennifer Lawrence: No, not that I was against studying. It’s just that the parents said from the very beginning that they were not going to pay for any courses. Now I think it’s even good to work on the instinct level. I never prepare for a role, and I memorize the text of today’s scene and that’s it. It seems to me that the best school for an actor is observing others. One day a frustrated friend came to me. So, I remember, I consoled her, and I myself tried to remember how she moved her hands. Then she copied her movements in one of the films.”

After your role in the film ‘The Hunger Games,’ you have got worldwide fame. How did you feel, what is it likes to be in the spotlight?”

Jennifer Lawrence: Hard is not the right word. From that moment on, I have been communicating with the press so much that I am afraid to turn into a person who speaks only about himself. On the other hand, each profession has its own disadvantages. For example, doctors have to work late. And actors — to sacrifice the right to privacy. In fact, I still try to compensate for this — now I just sit at home more.”

You won an Oscar at 22. Does it bother you that your career peak came so early?”

Jennifer Lawrence: For some reason, they ask me this all the time. But in the end, an Oscar is like a promotion. Good luck came early, but I am grateful: I did not have time to doubt myself, and I do not feel that I need to prove something to someone.”

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