Journalism. Pluses and Minuses

(opinion article)

Working as a journalist is interesting, no matter what. It’s especially great that your hobby can be turned into a permanent source of income. Advantages of the profession of a journalist:

There is an opportunity to always be in the thick of things. Indeed, thanks to special privileges, journalists can go even where there is no entry for any VIP-guests. Even if there is no opportunity to highlight the material seen, there is always something to tell friends, acquaintances and relatives. And most importantly, thanks to such “excursions” life will definitely not be ordinary. Expression through articles. All people need to develop creatively somehow. Here are the journalists and find the use of their abilities. They form their own unique style and write articles. Traveling is a unique opportunity to learn something new, get acquainted with the culture of other countries and also just satisfy your own curiosity. Most people go on business trips or vacations once a year, but journalists can fly to other countries 5 times a month.

Meeting interesting people is another privilege of the representatives of this profession. Movie and show business stars, writers, poets, directors and artists – all these people are unique and have a lot to learn from. But journalists have the opportunity not only to get to know these people better, but also to ask them all the questions that interest them.

Choosing the profession of a journalist, of course, you need to know the other side of the coin. The main disadvantages of such work:

Irregular working hours are, of course, a big drawback. Often you have to stay up late and sometimes even work at night. Sometimes it is not even possible to go somewhere with your family for the weekend. Constant stress — working in a rush mode, sometimes too expressive people with whom you have to talk can ruin your mood. Sometimes in this mode you have to work all week or even a month. Often there is not enough time for personal life—family and friends fade into the background. Just like a hobby. Many evenings will be busy with work. Opportunities to read, go to the pool or dine with friends will be rare.

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