Journey Through The Autumn Trail


Each autumn is its own story with its own insights and inspirations, flashes and fairy tales…

I had one day off and decided to rest spiritually, and what place but the forest could reload your soul and spirit…

There were a lot of people in the forest at DVRZ; everyone had his or her own style of rest. Someone was frying fragrant kebabs, someone was playing football, someone was just enjoying the aromas of the wonderful woodland.

It seemed so usual, however…No one paid attention to the little things…

The leaves acquired bright shades of autumn, whirling slowly down to be trampled and trodden…

Whispering trees, with their own rhythm of life, played ‘disco’ at the top…

The sky got painted with such celeste and bright blue colors that you looked up and got your head dizzy…

People felt like guests in these groves, because they had their magic owners, living and commanding here. The girl almost stepped on one of the forest owners, a hippy hedgehog, passing by with a variety of winter supplies on his back, and getting ready to hibernate. The children peered into all the holes in their path, expecting someone to get out.

The woodpecker rustled, because from time to time it was affected by children’s legs, running everywhere and playing hide and seek.

A bell rang, and two cyclists, walking in the woods and playing sports, passed by.

A senior woman was picking mushrooms, looking under each leaf and telling her grandson about the variety of mushrooms. Her grandson tried to run away, like his peers, but the grandmother forced him to learn the types of mushrooms to become a classy cook.

Somewhere there was an echo of young people groups throwing woodsy parties…The closer company celebrated a birthday. They had an amazing photo area, and most importantly they had a lot of garbage bags, put there everything that needed to be disposed of.

In the middle of the fairy tale forest, there was a lure lake for brave people to bathe and to enjoy the last warm days, and fussy mothers ran after their kids and toddlers not permitting them suddenly to climb down into the water.

The evening was cold. Young couples sat by the lake drinking coffee, wrapped in warm blankets and waiting for the dawn.

Many companies sat with guitar music and ended this entrancing autumn evening.

And next day everyone would rush to work again….

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