“Keep it Simple, Silly!”

(humorous business story)

Journalist Den, who was a couch potato, brought the editor his article on ecotourism. The article had right-minded facts and relevant meanings, but was poorly proofread and too long. “You still need to work on the text. Try to show the situation in a nutshell,” said the editor.

But Den didn’t want to work harder. He reviewed his article again, made small edits, and showed it back to the editor. The article got better, but it was still too long and difficult. The editor reminded Den about KISS and asked to make the article even shorter. “Try to put a lot of meaning into a few sentences, my friend. You still need to work on the text,” summed up the editor.

But this time Den did everything, cutting the corners, too. His article remained too large. The editor (he was a tough cookie) said, “Okay, now take a chisel and carve every word of your article on some stone.” “Can I still work on the text, please?” Den asked frightened.

The moral of this story is not in the evil editor or lazy author. The principle of “keep it short and simple” is effective, because short and simple informative texts are more memorable than longreads. And imagine if every word of your text someone made you engrave on a stone… You would write shorter…much shorter!

So… Keep it Simple, Silly!

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