Kids or Pets?

(Opinion article)

The adherents of the childfree stream convince us that living without children is a norm. They decided to stop playing the game and started to be the hedonists. My grandma would call such a person, who renounces paternity an egoist-egotist, but what does she expect from a generation of spinsters and womanizers?

Childfree – those, who do not want and do not suffer from this.

Childfree is nothing like each other, although they are trying to somehow to be classified. The most famous (because the first) researcher Gene Wivers divided childfree into two groups.

Why childfree abandon children:

  1. Projectors are those who do not like children;
  2. Affixions are those that are just fine without children;

Nowadays they are more divided into childfree and childhate (those who hate children).No one knows how many of them exist. Altogether childless from 5 to 30% depending on the country. Besides, it’s unrealistic to count separately ideological childfrees, because you need to separate them from those who were not allowed to have a child by circumstances.

Why do they do it?

You can’t brush off the child, run away for a couple of days. Even if you leave your child to parents and drive away to a desert island without communication, you will have a child.

Children are expensive, sometimes ex-freaking-pensive. The stories of families in which children were born contrary to meager finances are the best contraceptive and visual campaign for childfree. Someone cannot afford the maintenance of a child, and someone loves their standard of living more than children.

There are many fears: childbirth, pregnancy, status changes, changes in relationships, financial difficulties and hundreds of myths surrounding childbirth. Try to ask the women’s team the question of how to go to the hospital. The stories will be such that Stephen King seems like a good bedtime story.

How not to talk with childfree?

— Children are happiness.

— Then you will regret it.

— But what about procreation?

— We will die out like mammoths.

— Children are natural.(Naturally, but not necessarily)

— Who will bring a glass of water in old age?

Being childfree is neither good nor bad, it is an individual decision that concerns personal and intimate life.

I’m not childfree, I’m from another camp. But I understand them. And you?

October 16, 2019

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