Kids` Rollerblading Championship

Expocenter of Ukraine, Kyiv

Last Sunday, on October 11th 2020, on the territory of Expocenter of Ukraine located in Kyiv, Kids` Rollerblading Championship took place.

Children of different ages came to that championship to show their skills and win some prizes. The championship was organized by private rollerblading school but you could also take part simply by sending them the application form which was available on their website.

One of the coaches of rollerblading school, Andrew Romanov, said, “Such championship is the most incredible thing we manage to organize. It is really fun to prepare the kids for it and after that to celebrate their victories.” The 11-year-old student of that championship said, “This is my first championship but I`m sure there will be more because I like it here and I made a lot of new friends while taking part in this event.”

The kids surely will attend the next championships and do their best to win all the prizes.

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