Knock-Knock! Who is there? Lovely girl! Lovely girl who? Seeking a witch! I miss you!

(An instructive  fairy tale about what a deceptive appearance!)

She lived alone and did not invite anyone to visit. She was very old and had not seen a single living soul for a long time. She lived alone and did not invite anyone to visit.

One day a girl was walking in the woods and saw an old and overclouded  house. The girl came closer and read the inscription “Don’t knock, or I’ll eat you” and the caption “Witch!” The girl was brave and was not afraid to knock on the door. Besides, she just didn’t know what a witch was!

Hearing the knock, the wrinkly witch was very surprised…She opened the door and saw a lovely girl on the doorstep. The girl stood and smiled. The woolly  witch couldn’t but smile back. After all she has not smiled for so long. The witch treated the girl with all candies she had. Then they sat and chatted, drank tea and ate candies, they had fun together! After all they were girls. One small and the other big…

All girls love secrets!

The moral of this fairytale is following: you should not think anything of a person if you don’t know him or her well!

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