Kyiv Sea Spring Skills

(life story)

A close friend of my family says, “Do you know who the ‘brother-in-law’ is? This is a man with whom you have the same tastes for women, but you do not compete because you are married to sisters.” But the story today is not about it.

So, the usual weekend loomed ahead. My brother-in-law offered me to ride for the weekend, “as I like.” I — a naive girl agreed.

On my way out of town, a wonderfully tuned Nissan Patrol was waiting for me. A couple of kilometers later we were joined by another of the same. And I, sandwiched between two “patrols” in front and behind, quietly shook in the direction of the Kyiv Sea. After 100 km at the first “sanitary” stop, I learned that our main mission is to get to the island in the middle of wild swamps. Glancing at the navigator of my brother-in-law, I tightened my grip on the passenger seat. After another 30 kilometers of the Wild Forest, when the last abandoned houses ended and the most desperate foresters disappeared, we came to a swamp. Our “patrol” car slipped into the water, plunged up to the side mirrors and slowly gurgled towards the reeds. There we disappeared and turned out in the middle of nowhere. The minute dragged on indefinitely. The rear “patrol” auto blinked impatiently in the distance.

When was the last time you blinked in the deep forest, crossing a wild spring river?

I carefully slipped into the water and when the headlights disappeared under the water I realized that it was dusk. If our car was more crowded, my brother-in-law would dance the dance of little ducklings in the cabin. Fearing to lose the feeling of the bottom under the wheels, I struggled with the desire to choke up from mixed emotions.

We got to the first camp. They pitched tents.

In the early morning we woke up and realized that we spent the night in the middle of a burning forest with a specific and suffocating smell. We moved on. Crossing one watery bog after another, in particularly dangerous places, we were guided by the navigator “patrol.” “Sailed” to the second ‘splendid’ point of the night.

Weekend results:

  1. It turns out you can not wash for three days, but look at the gas station with apprehension.
  2. When you return to the city, you find “like-minded people” who also do not show turn signals, but you do it in the woods, and they are in the city.
  3. The city has very wide streets and you do not have to drive with folded mirrors.
  4. Housewives look with apprehension when you are in the habit of eating with your hands or with a knife.

But in fact, before you decide to go on an extreme journey, very carefully weigh the pros and cons.

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