She was a lovely lady, whose name no one knew. Everyone called her just Lady.

One sunny day she walked in her garden waiting for a postman. Then, while he arrived, Lady smiled at him.

“I`m sorry ma’am, could you tell me your name so that I can give you the package?” he said. “I know that everyone in this village calls you Lady, but I started working here recently…”

Suddenly a little red bug started flying around Lady`s face. She started waving her wings in a panic because she was afraid of bugs, and a postman just looked at her a little shocked.

“I`m sorry…”

“A ladybug! A lady-b-b-b-bug!” she screamed, continuing to wave her hands.

A postman looked at the package.

“Correct. Thank you, ma’am, have a nice day” he put the package in the mailbox.

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