Laugh Or Tears


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
Malcolm X

Student life is not just about taking exams and tests. Student years are the time in a person’s life when the brightest discoveries take place and the desire to move forward forces to achieve greater successes. This wonderful time, which probably every schoolboy or schoolgirl dream of, has always been and is a symbol of youth, fun and the first love. Student years are an adult and full-fledged life that has not yet entered the path of everyday being. It is a celebration of youth and health, the realization that all paths in the world are open to resolute and purposeful conquerors of the impossible. This period is the most important for the accumulation of knowledge, increasing erudition, learning foreign languages. Studentship is a great chance to see the world by joining one of the numerous exchange programs; it’s time to make new acquaintances and find strong friendships for many, many years.

Student life brings a lot of joy, “Students have fun living from session to session.” And how much more we will have to go through! It notes brainstorming lectures and silly sitting on the windowsills, the dining room laughing and the sport gym frolicking. It’s a student spring, it’s new people, it’s an indescribable joy when you leave the audience, wave the test and jump from happiness! There is no one in the world happier than students. It is a special state of mind, the eternal spring, the sparkling sun, the puppy love, and the most wonderful time.

Student life is when you prepare for a lecture all night long and then fall asleep at the most crucial moment. Student life is when you go to the movies only “on a student day,” because two tickets are sold for the price of one. Student life is something you remember and laugh to tears or weep to laughter.

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