Laurent Gounelle “God always travels incognito”

(book review)

Before I start, I want to say that it’s the first book from the genre of psychological novels for me, but I think that I found out one of the best books from this genre.

I got to read this book at a good moment in my life for this. Often I associated myself with the protagonist of the novel Alan Greenmore – a young office worker with depression. And one time Alan wanted to commit suicide and at the last moment some big-heart man saved him. This man said that he can make him happy, but Alan must follow all guidelines outlined by this new life-coach.

This book is not short, but I read it in a few days because the changes in the relations of Alan and Yves (the name of the stranger who saved Alan) and the changes in Alans soul looks catching. At the start of the book, Greenmore is a depressive introvert that has difficulties while speaking with people. He can't say anything even when he disagrees with the surrounding people at some moments in his life. At the end of the book, readers can't imagine the portrait of Alans personage. It is so fluid and blurred.

The book is good from the side of history and from the side of the weight for our souls, because ‘God always travels incognito’ makes us think about our lives, the meaning of life, and spiritual changes in it. My rating is 9.7/10.

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