Lazy Fox and Hardworking Bear

There were two friends: a red fox and a brown bear. They studied at a Medical University to get the doctors’ degrees. 

When the time of passing the major examinations came, the bear pulled several all-nighters, did not sleep for days and nights and finally passed all his exams with A-grades. He defended his diploma, earned his high qualification honestly and was in the seventh heaven!

The sly fox did not work hard, she danced in all night clubs in the neighborhood and after passing her key exams she was over the moon too!  Her devious Dad paid a tidy sum and bought the doctor`s diploma too!

When it was time to heal other animals, the fox was just in despair. Nobody came to her doctor`s office. All neighbors called her a ‘washout with idle hands’ who could not cure anybody. As for the brown bear, he became a well-respected doctor whose honey pills, herb lozenges and berry tablets were bought even in the far woods.

Dear children, before the major exams, don`t dance a lot in the nearest night clubs. Study hard and you will turn into respectable professionals.

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