Lazy Hobby


When people get acquainted, one of the first questions that worries them is following, “What is your hobby?”A really good question, especially for those who have a hobby. For me, this is a rather difficult question.

At such moments, I begin to reread my life and remember what wonderful things I do. And it turns out that I do not have a hobby that would interest anyone. Therefore, I believe that my hobby is watching movies and TV series, analyzing them, thinking about the plot. That’s what everyone does, but for me it’s something special and not…strenuous. So I decided to call it a lazy hobby. Also because I adore sloths, that’s why I fell in love with the cartoon ‘Zootropolis,’ I don’t see myself in that sloth, but such a character is very funny and inspires me to be faster.

Returning to the lazy hobby, I want to say that if you have the same situation, you should not be upset. Some people dedicate their whole lives to one thing, and some, like me, are constantly looking for something new, picking up something stimulating for themselves. At first, I loved reading, and it was my hobby. Then I found paintings by numbers and became a mini-artist, and it was my hobby. And before that I embroidered with beads, and this was my hobby too.

However, I quickly burn out, want something else or have a desire to come back to the past.

Everyone learns and develops in his or her own way and at a different pace throughout the whole life.

Having a habitual hobby is usually cool, but not having such a steadfast hobby is even more splendid, because we are all different and strive for our happiness, doing diverse things.

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