Let’s celebrate the New Year with a smile!


This is a holiday we have been accustomed to since childhood. A holiday of Christmas trees, tangerines and good Santa Claus, who always delights us with his gifts.

Since the New Year is considered a family holiday, each family, of course, has its own traditions of meeting it. But students, as you know, do not like quiet and placid sittings at the table, and prefer fun, loud and hard parties. So I decided to find out: who and how will meet the New 2021?

Most respondents said that they would celebrate the New Year with friends, that is, a large company will hold a loud party, have a good time at the New Year’s table. But there were also those who prefer a quiet family circle, gatherings near the Christmas tree and with baked chickens and ducks, as well as tangerines (in large quantities!).

Anastasia, a student of the Faculty of Publishing and Editing, said that she planned to meet the New Year’s Eve with her beloved honey guy because as you meet the year, so it is you spend. And if there is such an opportunity, the future journalist would like to play snowballs and blindfold snowman. Who knows, maybe this time on December 31 the weather will prepare a pleasant surprise for us in the form of a snowstorm.

Be that as it may, on New Year’s Eve, we should forget about all the daily worries, a successful or not very complicated session and plunge headlong into the celebration because on this night, as you know, our most cherished dreams come true. Congratulations!

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