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“The world is but a canvas to our imagination” (Henry D.Thoreau)

Have you ever dreamed of understanding modern art? Now that the whole world is in quarantine, this can be easily done with the help of social networks.
Here is a list of 10 online galleries and all of them are on Instagram:• Art Basel is the largest commercial contemporary art fair in the world. It is held annually in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and the States. In their official account, the organizers of the exhibition publish news of the art market, art trends in contemporary art and unusual works of artists.

• Italian graphic designer Francesco Willo and art curator Alessandra Amaru lead two accounts at once: @the.pinklemonade and @the.bluelemonade. Each of their posts, firstly, is a beautiful picture, and secondly — a simple object, which at the same time can be a work of art. The curators find inspiration in everything: in the form of a pencil stand, a tattoo on his arm, glass jars, stones, parts of the human body, plates, etc.

• Rated Modern Art is an international platform for artists, connoisseurs, and art critics. The account ribbon is reminiscent of an inspirational ‘mud board’, where different pictures are collected on the principle of “just beautiful.” In addition to the works of artists, there are photographs from around the world, pictures of the sunset sky, sprinkled with funny videos.

• “Sorry for this wall” — and we really forgive! The author of the account combines inspirational, semantic inscriptions or quotes from films with art pictures. The result is motivational slogans for every day.

• “This Wall Tired Me” is an account of an anonymous photographer who takes pictures of different surfaces and objects of the city exterior, and then adds them with signatures.

• The author of the @itisartime account, Alessandro Brunelli, admits that “his soul lives here.” The Italian publishes the work of illustrators, makes collages and humorous pictures. For example, compare Van Gogh’s room with an IKEA store or a stencil of a Dali-style hamburger.

• Magic Spleen — an account with works in the style of retro-futurism on topical topics of life.

• The main goal of the avant.arte platform. — instill visual taste on Instagram users, show alternative art forms. The founder of Abstract Roman Mr.Sviridov admits that the main goal of the art platform is to search for young talents and the formation of a new generation of abstract artists. The platform’s Instagram page is an opportunity to visit artists’ studios and learn more about the  contemporary art of abstraction.

• On the page of the Costume Institute, in addition to analyzing costumes of different eras, you can virtually look at exhibitions, watch broadcasts from discoveries and understand the styles and trends of fashion. All photos are taken from the funds and archives of the institute.

And by the way, have you heard that many museums and galleries now conduct virtual tours? Salvador Dali, Michelangelo, and Edgar Degas are waiting for you!

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