Leyla, Jack and David

Eternal Love Triangles
(Romantic story)

Leyla, a 21-year-old brunette beauty, with a slender figure and fruity voice, was still a university student. In her life, there were a lot of buddies and friends, but Jack was special, they studied together. Outwardly, he was shy a bit, but inside he had a kind heart and sharp brain. She knew it. From time to time, he appeared from nowhere and said: “Let’s go for coffee!My shout!”They drank coffee for hours and talked about everything, starting from a new video game and ending with the global problems of humanity. The day came when Jack told Leyla about his feelings and said that he could not imagine his future life without Leila. Leila was in doubts, she could not understand whether she loved Jack or not, whether he was a friend or just a bit more. On reflection, Leila decided not to hurry up and to leave this question for the future. Jack agreed and gave her time to thinking.

One day, after university lessons, Leila and her friends went to the cafe. While crossing the street they were almost hit by a car that  moved at high speed. Leila fell down and got a dirty road wave! A snappy looking guy jumped out of the car. In spite of the hurricane of apologies, Leila got frightened and irritated at the same time. She roughly exclaimed, “Hey you! Weirdo! Are you crazy or what?”  The edgy guy kept on apologizing. He asked for Leila’s phone number to find out later if everything was fine with her. “David. David Glond…My name is David”, he stretched out his hand“Leila. Leila Bond…My name is Leila”, she mimicked him and shook his hand.The friends of Leyla gave her phone number.

A few minutes later the girls sat in the cafe and discussed the whole situation. The female club came to the conclusion that David looked cute and smart especially while sitting in his brand new car. Besides, his compliments were still circulating in her ears. The girl sat silently, remembering his mesmerizing eyes and husky voice. The obsessive though did not leave her head, “Will this womanizer call me back or not?”

The next day was full of events. At university, she ran like a hamster in a wheel, so at home, she was exhausted and hungry. While cooking her dinner, she forgot almost everything connected with David…Suddenly she heard that the phone rang. It was the hoarse voice of David. He got interested in her health, apologized for the one hundred`s time, and asked her out to see some film. Surely, she did not show her emotions, but her heart got gradually happy. She got stoned and did not move for 15 minutes. It was like a thunderstorm. She realized that she fell in love with David. At first sight. Like a University girl. Her duck got burned in the oven but she even did not notice it…

Five months passed since David had broken brazenly in her life. They spent a lot of time together: walking and talking, riding and …smiling. David didn`t pull the cat`s tail; he confessed in love and offered to live together. Jack popped the question and offered Leyla to marry. Leila just did not know what to do. Offending anybody was not in her plans….

All these love twists and turns made Leila`s head spin.On the one hand, there was Jack, an honest boy with a kind heart and sensitive soul she had known for 5 years. On the other hand, there was David,  a risky guy with passionate kisses, crazy auto races, whiskey bottles and maple syrup she had quarreled for a half a year…

They were different like fire and ice. She loved both of them like day and night. However, the long-awaited moment came when she realized that the cat and mouse game dragged on a bit. Though Jack would give her a shoulder at any time, he was just a friend. And she appreciated him for that. Surely, she would upset him, but as her father said, “The harsh reality is better than fake hope.” He got really depressed, but he got it. They stayed good friends. Still now, Jack keeps on shouting, “Leila! Let’s go to drink for coffee! My shout!”

 As for her David, she could not imagine her life without this brisk and brazen guy. She dives with him into the world of adventure day in and night out. In a month they are going to get married, to leave Kyiv for Bіg Apple, and then to move to Big Orange. Why not?

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