Life Without Cars: How To Save Fuel?


Everyone knows that we have a big problem with fuel now. Gasoline and fuel prices have risen, fuel can be purchased with restrictions…Yesterday I saw a queue of cars before refueling; it looked endless…The Army and agricultural enterprises need a lot of fuel. So, soon we will forget about traveling by car, right? We may leave car travel for a while, but let’s talk about other travel options…

Walking on your feet. This is the best way, and you can already start hiking or hitchhiking from Rivne to Lviv. What is the problem? (Surely, this is a joke!) Let’s be serious: you can walk a few kilometers, daily, no more. So you save fuel and help your health. I understand that you have been driving all your life, but it’s time to explore the walking route! You can go trekking not forgetting to admire amazing nature views and listen to music on headphones…

Horse riding. If you live in a village, you can buy a horse. What’s funny? The horse is not a very demanding animal, there is a lot of grass and water around, and you save fuel. I keep silence about the fact that you will look gorgeous on a horse back…Oh, be careful and stick to the horse’s mane, please!

Public transport. If the situation does not change, we will soon forget about buses. But while they are still running, you can ride them to save fuel. It is much cheaper and more exciting. On the bus you will hear bright stories and jokes that will be more marvelous to you than the music radio in your car. “Buses will open your eyes to the truth.”

Cycling. This is a bright option; the bike is almost the same as the car, but has only two wheels. However, you can also buy a four-wheeled bike! I think it’s even better than horseback riding, because the bike does not eat. You can cover long distances and move faster than on feet…Just don’t forget which lane of the road for cyclists!

Electric scooter. This is really a trend that is finding more and more fans. If you remember, there were a lot of such scooters in Kyiv. You can really move quickly and safely. But there is one problem. If you live in the countryside, this vehicle will fail quickly… It is also an expensive option and not everyone can afford to buy it… Still, it’s a great way to get around the city (to the envy of angry drivers).

Here are some options on how to replace the car and save fuel. The last option is quite simple: stay at home and relax…

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