Lights In The Dark… Halleluiah!

(flash story)

Two young travelers stopped for the night under a sprawling tree. The day seemed doozy and burdensome. At first they were chased by robbers, and Henry was heavily wounded. Then the boys barely escaped from a big booty beast unknown to them.

Fox lit a fire not to keep warm, but to get a better view of the bleak buddy. His friend’s pale and exhausted face appeared before him.

“O holy slippers! Henry, what’s the matter with you?”

“As you can see, I am still alive. Don’t worry, dude.”

“Well, it’s hard not to worry after our adventures, “Fox looked down at where Henry was holding his hand. There were blood blurs. The boy’s pupils dilated in horror. “You were wounded then, right?!”

“Look, how many lights!” Henry exclaimed before fainting.

The lights were the reflection of the eyes of the bad mind beast from which the travelers were fleeing. He grabbed the guys with his fangs and ran into the thicket.

However, it didnt go as well as the beast hoped. With an aspen cross in his slobbery maw, the wild creature howled and twisted when Fox pronounced The Lords prayer! Halleluiah!

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