Little Crow

(children`d story)

There was Little Crow with a white spot on his beak. He lived in a loud city. He was bad at everything. He could not croak, could not steal, and could not fly well too.

Once Little Crow got tired with all his worthlessness and decided to go far- far-far away. He wanted to get to the magic place, where he could learn how to croak, steal and fly. A long time he traveled on car roofs jumping from one roof to another. And by the afternoon, Little Crow with a white spot on his beak got to the countryside. It was beautiful out there. But the Little Crow was fascinated by only one thing – the wondrous wild wood. He had never seen so many giant trees in one place! He thought, “Maybe, many old wise crows live there. They could teach me how to croak, steal and fly.”

Little Crow wandered the wild woods. He got distracted a lot by colorful butterflies and weird plants. When it started to become dark, Little Crow was completely exhausted and lost. He could not fly over the trees to look for a way out. He cried in horror, “What am I gonna do? I am lost here in the wondrous woods, with no way out. I have not found any crows, and now I am alone. What if a monster will eat me?”

The white-haired Witch with hooked hands and crooked feet, who flew nearby on her magic broom, heard that cry. She approached Little Crow. “What are you doing here, Little Spotty, in the wild woods alone at night?” asked the crooky-hooky Witch.

“I am lost, and I don’t know the way out. Besides, I cannot fly over the trees to find a way!”

“You can spend a night at my house. But if you want to have a sleepover, you should help with my potions.” The hooky-crooky Witch sparkled with her sharp eyes.

Little Crow decided to follow the old Witch. At her house, Little Crow helped Witch with all her magic potions. Despite a lack of experience, he tried so hard and was really helpful. Little Crow could keep in mind all weird plants` names and their mixtures. After the work was done, Little Crow and wookie-cooky  Witch had a spell supper. He wiped his spotty beak with wing feather and told Old Witch his sad story. How he could not croak, could not steal and could not fly well. How other little crows laughed at him…And how he got in the wild woods, where he hoped to find a true teacher.

The stookie-hookie Witch listened to him carefully. When Little Crow finished his story, she said, “You a brave Little Spotty. I cannot teach you to croak, steal or fly. But I can teach you wise witchcraft. I see that you are good at making potions and lotions, poisson and poison. So, if you want, you can stay.” Little Crow did not think long about this proposal. He liked making potions and lotions, poisson and poison, so he stayed.

After some time Little Crow became as good at witchcraft, as Old Witch herself. Once he met a crow from the home city. The city crow looked mockingly at Little Crow and asked, “You still cannot croak, steal and fly well! It is making you less than a Big Braggy Crow, is not it?”

“I guess I can be a crow even if I cannot croak, steal or fly very well. I found what I can do instead.”

The moral: you should try new things. If you are not good at something, you just have not tried yet.

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