Once upon a time, there was Little Dragon. He always looked at his father with great respect and most of all he wanted to become as strong and spacious as his Daddy, spewing fire like a furnace.

One evening Little Dragon was lying in his bed and listening to a fairy tale of his Mummy-Dragon who told about the dramatic fight of ancient dragons with  merciless underground monsters for the best seas and lakes, and for the deepest caves and tunnels.

“Mum, Mum! When will I grow up?” suddenly the baby asked.

“When the time comes, somewhere in 100-120 years, you will be an adult, my baby,” Mom-Dragon smiled.

“I will be as mighty and mondo as my flashy-ashy father?”

“Sure, but now, it’s time to sleep. Goodnight, do not allow the bed bugs bite…When we sleep, our bodies grow.”

“But Mum, you always say so. The days pass, the night pass, and I’m still small. I have been waiting so long when my wings grow up and I start flying as high as my Giant Dad!”

“Oh, baby. The time will come, and you will surely become as your mad, do forgive me, Glad Dad. Even stronger and bigger. In our childhood, we were also small and squall. We wanted to grow up so much. And now, on the contrary, we want to come back to our childhood for at least one day. We want to run around our caves, to play with our reptile friends, to come home in the evening and to eat a warm and tasty mother`s mascara.

“But how is that? Isn’t it wonderful to be egg-schmuck-duck-headed adults?”

“At each age, there are its pros and cons, my son. Being big is very responsible and not always as easy as it seems. Eternal stresses, eternal bustle, eternal fight. Even in high mountain lakes like Loch ness, Muriel and Ptarmigan, we could not find ease and peace.  Believe me, every adult at least once in his life wanted to become a smiling small snaky once again.”

Little Dragon looked at his mother, who tenderly spoke to him and gently stroked his flaky head. Suddenly, some idea flashed in his head and he became very-very frightened, so he asked, “Mummy, when I turn into a Giant Dragon somewhere in 100-120 years, will you love me the same way as now?”

“Of course, my little scaly sonny. We will always love you, regardless of whether you are small or not. After all, we love you not for your age. We love you because you are our kid, you are our boy, you are our skid, you are our joy!”

“You love me very much, right?” asked Little Dragon.

“Right,” Dragon Mum lolled out her double-tongue and licked the green forehead of her kiddy.

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