Little Knight Willie

Let’s go back in time, with no gadgets and no internet, with noble knights and rose-looking miladies, at a time when letters were written by hands and postal pigeons flew high in the skies.

Willie`s family did not differ a lot from the other ordinary families of the area. It had five people: Dad, Mom, and three boys.

Willie had two older brothers. Andrew and Bill were brave and strong knights. They went mountain climbing and hiking when they were just only 12 years old. As for the youngest son, Willie, the parents were very worried about his weak health and did not allow him to go beyond his own estate, even though he was 14 years old. Willie was very offended; his brothers even called him a wussy wimp.

One day, Glorious King announced the recruitment to his army. Andrew and Bill passed the test with ease. They were skillful at steady shooting, fast running, and enduring hardships. Willie also wanted to compete for the vacant places in the Royal Army.

He asked his parents, “Why can’t I compete? Am I worse than the older brothers? ”

“You are our youngest son. You have fragile health. We want to protect you. Go home to read books. It will be better for you.”

Willie disobeyed his parents and fled into the woods. He ran, ran and ran until the forces left him. Willie stumbled down, did a somersault and fell asleep. The lad woke up when he felt a touch on his shoulder. An old man sat next to him, looking intently at the boy.

“Hi, boy! Why are you alone in the forest? ” The wrinkled man took a seat not far from him.

“I ran away from home. My parents do not allow me to take part in royal competitions. I really want to be there. Though I have poor health, I feel that I could be a good warrior!”

“Let me help you. Who knows, maybe you look like a mouse but has a heart of a lion,” the white-haired man smiled.

” How could you help me?” Willie was ready to burst into tears.

“I was a grand knight in the past. If you really want to be one of the best, I can train you. Old school is a good school.”

“I really want to learn from you. Please take me as your disciple. I will be training and working hard.”

“Well, boy, now, you must go home, have a good rest and tomorrow, I’ll wait for you right here.”

Willie carefully attended the lessons of Old Knight. The guy learned how to shoot a big bow, how to run fast, and how to fight fiercely as hard-handed berserks.

Here came the day of the royal competition. Old Knight supported his deciple and took him to the competition. Willie surprised his parents, shooting the bulls eyes in all targets, winning around all his rivals in the ferocious fights with swords and spears. Glorious King was astonished by such brave guy, whom he had never seen. He chose him personally to the Royal Guard.The brothers of Willie were also accepted but only to the Royal Army.

If you want to achieve your goal, work hard, try hard, and everything will work out.

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