Little-Known Diamond


My chosen specialty provides a great opportunity to learn about incredibly interesting events every day and “meet” no less interesting people. And one of those people who still fascinates me with his charisma and strength of spirit is Viktor Ponomarev – a young Ukrainian journalist and rapper who started working in his sophomore year because he was not interested in listening to lectures.

He passes the war through himself every day. He led the inclusion from the border line with the Crimea, communicates with the nearest Ukrainian political services, the military. This is his daily routine. The main rule for him is that propaganda is not a place in modern Ukrainian journalism, because in his understanding, if we use this technique, we will not be better than our courts. Any truth is better than any lie. We, Ukrainians, are different. More prone to truth and self-esteem. Value has always been paramount to Victor. Therefore, he chooses a path of the freedom of choice when he does not need to invent anything or obey someone. This applies to both journalism and music. The main journalistic standard, the guy believes, is to inform the public, but does not hurt – it’s important. Due to the large number of his reports and stories about the war in Donbass, according to journalists, any report on the war should be agreed with the military: which indicates that the freedom of speech is limited and more steps are to be done.

In addition, as I said, he is a little-known diamond, and despite the fact that the guy in his 24 years is a talented journalist with a clear civil position, he also reads rap. Victor started writing rap at the age of 13. It was on a fairly simple, childish level. He did not invest anything serious there, but in his songs there was always a social stratum. “Death. Horror. Bullets. Victims. Death,” Рonomariovv, a war rapper, scores words, as if nails. And it does so in a way that leaves you no chance – either you allow yourself to be pierced by these lines, or you cowardly turn it off like an information poison. Finding himself, working with the traumas of the past, war – these are his topics, he talks about where the most important meanings, the most important secrets are hidden.

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