Little Monkey

Morris, a little monkey, woke up when the sun was high up in the sky. Another lovely day. Perfect for playing hide and sneak. Off he went to find his friends. First, he ran into Henry, a fluffy rabbit.

“Let’s play hide and sneak!”he called out from the top of a tree.

“Not today Morris,” said Henry. “There are only two days of control work remaining. I have to prepare. You should be doing the same, shouldn’t you?”

“Nah, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Then the next day, Little Monkey went looking for friends to fool around. And he met Bon, a little lion.

“Bon, come to jump with me, I have already taken my big ball,” said Morris.

Bon replied,“Sorry Morris, one day for controls is left, I have to cram and swot. In an hour my Mom will check what I learned yesterday.”

“Okay. Then I’ll go playing with myself, and I’ll study tonight.”

Well, the cheery monkey clowned around and played with his big ball the whole evening. He did not prepare for the control work. The next morning everyone went to school. There, Mrs. Owl Rigid was waiting for all of them.

All the forest pupils were well trained and wrote very good works. But Morris received a bad grade. For that Mrs. Owl Rigid called his Mother to school. Little Monkey cried, Little Monkey groaned, Little Monkey begged. Nothing could stop it. Offended Mother punished her kid severely and did not bring bananas for the whole week! Little Monkey understood that he was wrong. He promised his Mother not to postpone important matters until later, and to do everything in time.

Do not delay things until later and do everything on time.

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