Little Red Hood

(derailed fairy tale)

Once upon a time, there was a little darling damsel. Everyone who saw her liked her, but her old granny loved her best of all and didn’t know what to give the dear child. This good woman had a little red riding hood made for her, and since it fitted the girl so well, and she used to wear nothing else on her head, people gave her the name of Red Hood.

Once her mother said to Red Hood, “Here is a slice of cake and a bottle of wine; carry them to old granny. She is ill and weak, and they will refresh her. Behave yourself on the way, do not leave the path and do not talk to strangers.

Red Hood said, I will observe everything well that you have told me, and promised her mother with a hand put on her heart.

But granny lived far away in the forest, which was shrouded in darkness, strange creatures and thorny thickets. Red Hood had an hour’s journey from home to the hut.

Over the path into the forest, as if heralding trouble, crows flew and cackled, flapping their pitch-black wings.

It smelled like damp earth.

Stepping onto the dark side of the grove, she slowly and quietly hummed an old song:

Early this morning
When you knocked upon my door
Early this morning
When you knocked upon my door

And then suddenly, from somewhere from the depths, a hoarse voice sounded, penetrating to the depths of the soul:

And I said hello Satan, ah
I believe it is time to go
Me and the devil walkin’ side by side
Me and the devil walking side by side

Red Hood’s heart stopped for a second, she petrified and peeked around in search of a stranger.

Branches crunched underfoot, leaves rustled, bushes swayed.

“Come on, child, go on. I want to hear more.”

Red Hood hid under a tree and pulled the hood tighter over her head, trying to even out her breathing.

“Who are you? Mom doesn’t let me talk to strangers.”

An unknown person answered from the depths of the forest,

“Let’s get to know each other. Do you want to be my friend, child?”

Red Hood’s silence and thoughts followed. The whole body was numb.

It’s okay if they become friends, right?

“My name is Red Hood. What about you?”

“My name is the Beast. Nice to meet you, child. Now let’s sing the song to the end.”

Unconsciously shrugging her shoulders, the girl leaned out from behind the tree and squeaked:

And I’m gonna see my man
Until I get satisfied
See, see, you don’t see why
And you would dog me ’round

A soft whisper sounded right near the ear, as if the wind gusts were tickling the skin:

See, don’t see why
People dog me around
It must be that old evil spirit
So deep down in your ground

And then there was a sharp pause. As if all living things froze in anticipation of the end.

A branch snapped behind her. There was a muffled growl. The girl turned around. The eyes widened in surprise.

It was a wolf.

Mother had warned to be careful. She disobeyed.

A hairy monster, several meters high, stood in front of her, panting and splashing saliva:

“I caught you, girlie…”

Towering over Little Red Riding Hood, he opened his mouth, and at the same moment the girl found herself in darkness.

She opened her eyes. Mom sat on the edge of the bed, stroking her head.

“I’m not going to my grandmother, right?” asked Red Hood, breathing heavily.

“Of course, you aren’t. She’s dead,” Mom said calmly, getting out of bed. “It’s time to get up.”

Wait. Was it just a dream?

“I really liked how you sang.”


She looked around, a shadow of a smile slipped across her face, her eyes flashed like a monster from a dream.

“I want you to sing for me forever, child.”

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