Live for Love and Love to Live

(melodrama script)

Masha, a 20-year-old student, is studying at a good university in her hometown. She lives with her family: father, stepmother and two sisters. The girl is doing well, is the best student on the course.

But one day a huge trouble happens. Her father was taken away by ambulance; he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. Masha is worried, she had to leave the university to be able to work. She undertakes any job: she works at a gas station, a waitress in a restaurant. But these funds are not enough and the worst thing is that the stepmother takes everything earned.

Masha tries to hold on and not give up for the sake of her father. And one day in the hospital, when a girl was sitting in the hallway in despair, a woman approached her and offered help. As it turned out, it was a job called surrogacy. Masha thought for a long time and did not know what to do, but the thought that she would save her father was above all. And she agreed. And the family that wanted a child was very rich and could help Masha in trouble.

Masha saved her father, but so that they would not know at what cost she was given this victory during her pregnancy, she left under the pretext that she had found a job abroad. It was hard for Masha all the time without the support of relatives. And it was not easy for her father either, because the woman he married was not the best.

The most dramatic moment came when Masha had to give the child…In spite of all her efforts she could not do it herself, so her baby was simply abducted by the new parents.

It’s been 3 years…

For a long time Masha could not accept this. But later she returned to her family and found a job in the office. She worked, but the thought of a baby did not give her any peace time. When it was difficult for her, she went to her grandmother. Grandma knew about the whole situation that happened to Masha 3 years ago.

Masha worked, devoted all her time to work. At one point, a guy started watching her. Kostya liked Masha, paying too much attention to her, but she did not reciprocate. But later, of course, the girl`s heart melted a bit. However, their relationship was a secret to all employees. Because Kostya was the son of the owner of this company. By the way, Masha did not know about it, because Kostya was worked as an ordinary employee.

Once Masha had to meet Elena. It all happened by accident when Masha saved Elena’s son from the car. They became friends. But Masha still didn’t know who Olena was and who this boy was.

Once Masha had to deliver a folder of documents to Kostya’s house, and more specifically to the house of the head of the company. This unexpected meeting of Kostya and Masha in his house made him admit who he really was.

Later, Kostya and Masha got married, everyone came to terms with the fact that Kostya was a wealthy son, and Masha was a common student. A beautiful wedding was thrown… Masha started living in Kostya’s house. And nothing foretold trouble.

But as they say, not everything is as good as it seems.

After a while, the woman who once offered Masha help has reappeared in her life. Larissa chased Masha like a psycho not giving her any rest.

And once, Gleb (Elena’s son) was abducted. This was done by Larisa’s daughter loving Rostislav, the husband of Elena, and tried to attract attention in any way. Everything ended well, Gleb was returned by the woman who revealed all the secrets. The fact that Masha was a surrogate mother for the son of Elena and Rostislav many years ago helped them to make their family full and happy. Of course, everyone was shocked. And Masha was kicked out of the house. Kostya didn’t know anything about it and only Halyna (Kostya’s mother), Olena, Masha knew at all.

For a while Kostya was looking for Masha. He found her. Masha offered to divorce. Kostya couldn’t believe it. Masha gave him a wedding ring. Kostya went to Masha’s grandmother, who told him the whole story.

Later, everyone learned about Masha’s action.

Everything ends with a big friendly family celebrating the New Year. Masha did not take Elena’s son, and they reconciled.

And on New Year’s Eve Masha confessed to Kostya that she was pregnant.

Such miracles happen. Hallelujah!

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