Live YOUR Life

Life is like an open book, so much unknown, exciting and beautiful!

Now … stop and rack your brains.

Do you live for yourself or for others? Are there really decent people around you? Are you afraid to do something, but want to? Are you locked up in someone else’s opinion or stereotypes? Are you dependent on your own demons, who do not allow you to live the way you want?

If you have “yes” to any of these questions, then you should seriously think about working on your life, on your thoughts and consciousness … Do not rush, think about everything and honestly answer yourself what you want to change. Just don`t lie, lying to yourself is pointless; you can’t fool yourself, even if you really want to…

Awareness of the problem is already a step towards its elimination. It is important to understand how valuable that we are alive, we can change everything, and we can do everything to be happy. Why waste time, living not by your beliefs, imitations on someone, within the framework and standards of society, in the shackles of stereotypes and other people’s opinions, living in fear of doing something, fear of condemnation, fear of the thoughts of strangers…

Often we do not have enough courage to do what we truly want precisely because of fear and false assumptions about the opinions of other people, or worse, because of the handcuffs of the imposed framework… “Why do you need a new job if everything is stable here?” “What if there is no love and he’s rich!” “Why do you try, you won’t succeed!” “What will people say?” “Better do not take risks!” Are these sayings familiar to you? Killer sayings that sometimes destroy the chance for something better, for development, for happiness, and for change… All these are stereotypes that have been rooted in our society for a long time…Yes, they slightly move aside and come to replace more modernistic opinions, and independent minds, but still they cannot be removed completely…That is why it is worth thinking that life is not eternal. So is it worth spending it on unnecessary frames, forbidding yourself to be happy?

Even if something does not work out, it is always better to try, the soul burns with desire! People are mortal, and it is worth remembering that every time forbidding ourselves to live the way we want, we approach the spiritual emptiness and meaninglessness of our being…It is important to understand this in time in order not to regret later that we could get out of the shackles of beliefs / frames / boundaries / prohibitions…It is always worth trying, taking risks, going towards changes, experiencing ups and downs, but not succumbing to fear…Everyone does not care, we are all selfish by nature and think of ourselves.

That is why they are stupidly afraid of condemnation or a wrong decision, because in the end you are left alone with yourself, with your own experiences, and first of all you feel guilty for living a life according to someone else’s rules…Remember: there is no right or wrong, there is only your decision and the consequences, nothing more, don’t blame yourself if something went wrong! You wanted – you tried, made conclusions and move on.

Worse, if you didn’t even try, succumbing to fears or obediently acting under someone else’s guidance, but you wanted something completely different…Is this betrayal of yourself, and is it worth it? Considering that life is too short to do what others want or set ghostly boundaries for yourself in achieving something, simply because you are afraid or think something is impossible, right?

Everything is possible if you listen to your heart, if you have a goal and motivation, if you don’t care about obstacles and condemnation, if you are burning with desire and firmly decide to achieve, no matter what, there is only you and your goal…Stop asking someone for permission for your own happiness and approval of your actions!

So the impossible is possible…

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