Living in the dormitory

Do you know how to live in the dormitory ? It isn’t so simple to survive here. University years are the best season in the lives of many people. Memories about the students’ friends and party warm the soul for life.

To begin with, there are advantages of living in the student hostel. The first advantage of it is the price. It’s cheaper for you and your parents than renting an apartment. The most important benefit is a location. It’s near to your University and, as a result, you have the possibility to sleep longer in the morning, however, you are far from home and your family. Last but not least, it refers to studying. You may divide some tasks with your friends and therefore it saves your time. A lot of students combine studying with work and they become independent from parents in such way. You can gossip about classmates, have some hilarious moments on the lessons, watch sitcoms or soap operas with your friends in free time.

There are also disadvantages of living in the dormitory. The hostel is crowded with people who sometimes prevent us from sleeping, listening to too loud music. Another negative effect is that you haven’t always necessary things, clothes, for instance, for a party. But don’t worry, you may find them and borrow from someone. Many people suggest that you needn’t leave the soup or something else unattended as a lot of hungry students believe that the food belongs to everyone and, therefore, when you come in the kitchen you cannot find it there. In spite of the fact, there aren’t good conditions in the dormitory, for example, a cooker heats for a long time, you can’t use the kettle, there isn’t always hot water. As a result, you can feel intense discomfort.

Taking everything into consideration, it should be said that there are both positive and negative aspects of living in the dormitory. People who are studying far from home take to the new lifestyle and are addicted to new acquaintances.

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