London Charms

(magic realism)

One year in the City of London, a bizarre man bobbed up.  In his 50s, he always wore elegant suits and ties.  On some days he wore hats that were at least three times larger than his head.

 He worked as a general director at a paper mill.

 It would seem that an ordinary man wears ordinary clothes and works at a normal job, what is so strange about him, you ask?  So, despite the fact that he had a lot of wealth and dressed in branded stores – he always wore the same shoes, never taking off or changing it, depending on weather conditions.

 By the way, with the arrival of this man in the city, some adventures began to happen every month: one-day floods, hurricanes, complete drought, a night without a day and a day without a night.  This happened exactly when the moon was full.

Fortunately or unfortunately, one day the man died of an accident.  He lost his shoe and was hit by a rushing car at the same moment.  That could be the end of the story, and none of us would know the truth, but listen to what it all meant:

The man was not 50 and not 60 years old, but 400, yes, exactly on his four hundredth birthday he died.  Why did this happen?  Because his shoes turned out to be magical, and they came into force only during the full moon, and with their help he did mischief and ate them.  There are many such people in London, we just don’t know them. Some of them live in pricey palaces and the others in some shabby shelters…

 By the way, today is a full moon.  Oh no, but where is my necklaaaace…

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