Look Like a Million Dollars by Makeup

(opinion essay)

Can you imagine that “hard nut to crack” world where no one applies makeup? Where there are no shops like MAC, NYX, ASOS and etc. Where there are no busy body beauty bloggers on Youtube who chat endlessly about Madge Madonna,  Dakota Johnson, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities` makeup, lipstick, mascara, eye shadows, hair dye, and  other eyeliners, blushes, and foundations? Where there are no videos on YouTube like, “How to draw a Bohemian Rhapsody on your face in 3 hours. Quick video tutorial!”

This world without cosmetics, art, and inspiration would turn into a somber scrapyard of technocratic nerds. What is Halloween without an oddball and ugly as sin makeup? And what is the graduation party without girls looks like princesses on vacation?

Globally thinking, I guess that most women and some men have a burning desire to change, at least, something in their appearance. So, if the makeup industry did not function at all, what would they do? Month in and month out they would go and go to their plastic surgeons. One more time and one more time…like cheery hamsters in their rolling wheels… Imagine how they would come to do plastic surgery for the twenty-fourth time and how would they look… And, of course, the tattoo business would belong to the most flourishing.

Most of my female friends are deeply concerned about their appearance. Without makeup, some of them would go crazy and others would not leave their houses at all. It’s a little sad, but without chic cosmetics, I would go bananas like them too. Because my days often begin with the thought, “Good morning, the world. Well … Now, the main task for me not to look at myself in the mirror, otherwise … Oh BS! ” Unfortunately, I look at a mirror every morning. And often I don’t really like what I see in it.

Generally, in my opinion, a world without makeup would just freak out. With makeup, many women can look like a million dollars. With right cosmetics, they feel more confident and smart. Therefore, long live creams, balms, and maquillage!

P.S. But always remember: people are like books, so don’t judge the book by its cover…

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