Looking For Work


Why do you want so high salary when you have no experience at all?”
As a student I want it because I think that the job is much more difficult when you don`t have any ideas what you are trying to do…”
(unknown author).

We were all unemployed at one time or another. It was a great time when you didn’t understand where the money came from. All you had to do was to ask, and everything was solved. Childhood is a wonderful time, but you understand that it is over. The rest of the time is also a terrific time, but sometimes when there is a personal challenge waiting for you, you can forget about that and max out. It was the job search that brought me to these thoughts.

When you’re between jobs, it’s hard to know what’s what. In those moments, it’s your biggest challenge not to beat around the bush. But I, like everyone else, believe I can handle it. As it says in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ that the main thing is not to take life too seriously. Besides, I believe that I will find a job, because miracles do happen in our world and I believe in miracles…

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