‘Love Comes Softly.’ This book will make you trust in love!

(book review)

Sometimes you want to ghost all modern troubles, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, make fragrant tea and read about romantic antiquity. And let the whole world wait until you shed tears for a lovely hero! I think I found a great book for this.

I am grateful to American writer Janette Oak and her romance book ‘Love Comes Softly’ for the heart-warming emotions and the charm of classic writing. There is no sexual connotation or silly melodramatic characters and snot, this story breathes biblical motifs and true-to-life moments routines of pioneers in the West of North America. Here settlers know the price of misfortune, but are ready to help others. The main heroes of this book, pioneers Marty and Clark, are not artificial, their fates are grueling, and their weary souls need hearty support. However, this simple love story, bordered by grief and misery, looks so sincere, that you want to pause for a moment. “Love doesn’t always come with fireworks, sometimes love just had to come soflty. Oh, please stop my tears!

Don’t think that I am completely blinded by the romance of the story! I’m a realist and I take on board that in real life it is difficult to love after a loss, it is difficult to trust God and to thank even for grief. It’s hard to believe in love at all, isn’t it? Oh, this is possible only in fiction… Also, the historical background of the story is a bit vague, and you can find some inaccuracies. And the last one…How difficult it is to read a book of 1979 year with dinosaur American vocabulary, grammar and lots of “hick” accents! Can someone give me a Webster’s dictionary, please?

I recommend the book ‘Love Comes Softly’ to all romantics and non-romantics, Christians and atheists, loved ones and lonely. I bet this story will warm you on a cold evening and will give the Hope. I know by heart, “Love comes softly,” but it comes! I give this book 10 stars from 10.

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