Love is…


Everybody wants this magic feeling, they want to love and to be loved. But what does it mean to be loved?

Is it something connected to presents? How could you not love a person, but give presents? So that’s definitely presents. Or maybe it’s about time? More time more love? Oh, I know, that’s something about help. If you help your Mum that means that you love her. Everyone knows that, right? But what about all those physical things like kisses and hugs, cuddles with your pumpkin? We can’t say that you love somebody without physical magnetism.

Okay, so it looks like love isn’t something single, it’s a combination of lots of things. Last, but not least, everybody has their own vision of what is love and you have to know what it means for your couple, cause if you don’t do this you will have lots of problems with your relationships, do believe me.

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