Love the Sea, the Place of Power


It was August 33. The air smelled like freedom and the sky was filled with seagulls. I felt more alive than ever. I guess they felt so too.

The wild beach turned out to be a quiet haven for our hearts. But he was not always quiet. He…He felt his majesty and periodically expressed it with strong tides and high unapproachable waves. The tides washed away the warm sand and threw the insectless aquatic inhabitants ashore: seahorses, small turtles and slippery jellyfish. The most memorable was a lonely swim in the night sea and sleeping under the stars on the warm sand. In such unattached places you feel real happiness and reuniting with nature.

The wild beach is a kind of place of power, a place where time doesn’t matter, but you realize the value of every moment, start thinking differently and just allow yourself to dream. It is important without any exaggeration to find your place of power and visit it periodically. I personally believe that everyone should have their own place of power or a person of power, who will continuously inspire you and guide your thoughts in the right direction in order to realize true values of life.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t like the sea before. The water seemed terribly salty, the shells unpleasantly hurt the feet, and the sand annoyingly adhered to the body. But after this trip I realized that I fell in love with the wild, willful sea. Love the sea or at least give it a chance to make you fall in love with it.

P.S. the photo is real, without filters.

March 2, 2021

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