Magic Beans

(fairy tale miniflash)

For not doing his homework, the evil sorceress turns the boy Bob, who lives in a small settlement near Kyiv, into a poor guy, giving him three beans. From them, Bob grows a bean grove, which gets bigger not only by the day, but by the minute and reaches a size of 300 meters in height. The plant grows so fast that all the buildings in Bob’s backyard rose to the plant top too.

Now, in order to live in his house, Bob needs to climb to the top of the plant. But how does he do it? Here in the settlement appeared a girl with long hair, her evil sorceress settled on a cloud, and only she could take Bob up. And in order to persuade the girl to trust Bob, he played the flute for her every night…He told her 101 fairy tales…It lasted 101 nights until the girl with the long braid opened her heart and lifted Bob to her onto the cloud.

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