Magic Mascot Dress

(magic realism short story)

Sarah was an ordinary girl. Yes, the most ordinary one. She went to university, spent time with friends, traveled and so on. In short, she did everything that all ordinary people do. But, unfortunately, Sarah constantly got into some awkward situations and because of this she was very insecure. One day she forgot to take an umbrella in the rainy day, then she spilt coffee on her new blouse, after that she forgot t call her friend. In general, flops and failures chased her on a daily basis.

But everything changed when Sarah put on her a mascot dress. When this happened, Sarah’s life turned into a real fairy tale, where there was no such thing as failure at all. In her mascot dress, Sarah felt the magic around her, her life was repainted with the brightest colors and everything that Sarah thought came true without any problems.

It was a very important day. Sarah was preparing to pass interviews to get an internship for the summer in a foreign company. Fear, anxiety, nerves ― these were the feelings that accompanied Sarah that day. She understood that only her magical mascot dress could help to cope with these hard experiences. But what a failure, the magic dress, which brought good luck in everything, disappeared somewhere, simply evaporated sinking into an abyss. Sarah was ready for another failure, but suddenly a feeling of confidence appeared inside of her soul. Sarah’s interview went well!

Who knows, maybe her magical dress vanished along with her self-doubt?

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