Magic of Christmas Night

Lana was an ordinary little girl. She loved to sing, to dance and to have fun with her friends. But Lana had one peculiarity — she did not believe in miracles and magic of Christmas. But one event completely changed her life…

There is such a very good belief that on Christmas night angels descend to the Earth. When the first star lights up, the angels come down to the Earth. No one notices them because everyone is in a hurry being up to ears in their affairs.

At night, when everyone is sleeping, little angels fly into the houses. Neither closed windows, nor walls, nor a roof is a hindrance for them. And in every house, they leave a gift under the Christmas tree. Should anybody help Santa or not? Sometimes they just scatter the gifts all around the apartment. However, these are unusual gifts. They cannot be seen but can be felt. This is a little kindness and a bag of happiness, a handful of health and a piece of luck, а jug of joy and something else… They carry what is missing in the house for happiness and prosperity.

In general, the angels leave a little of something good in every house. Probably, when everyone is sleeping soundly, the angels do not even pretend to be invisible. Though, people almost never see them. And if it happens, just only once in a blue moon.

And Lana just became the person who managed to see the angels on Christmas Eve. These magical creatures enveloped Lana with their magic leaving her a small sack of success…She felt it while being at school. Since that, Lana’s faith in the miracle and magic of Christmas night got completely restored. For the next Christmas night, she is waiting for a hold-all of happiness!

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