Magic Realism Film I Would Shoot

If I were a film director, I would shoot a magic realism film. I like this genre even don`t know why. There would be two main characters: a smart but common guy and a shy and at the same time witchy girl with sharp eyes. In one episode he would come to the classroom and see a dream. At the beginning of the lesson, he would sit down, fall asleep and see a beautiful girl with brunette hair streaming down her slender shoulders. At first glance he would fall in love.

Sharply his thoughts were broken with the squeak of the opening door and the voice of the old teacher in the background. “You are welcome,” said the senior man showing his slightly seen vampire fangs. A new girl came to her desk that was not far from the desk of the main character. Before the girl sat down and turned around, he had noticed that this girl was really very similar to the girl from his recent dream. She was practically the same. There was such impression that she was shaped by his thoughts and got alive like a doppelganger…

After the lesson, the guy approached the enigmatic beauty, and they had a small talk. Late, when they befriended, something strange happened. Several girls from their class started hating the novice girl. They tried to smash her with their textbooks. However, she shrieked out something odd and all girls fell down as if they slipped suddenly. At the same time all classroom windows broke down.

So, it turned out that the new girl was a wonderfully looking witch and she broke all the glass in the classroom by the force of her yelling. After that she taught the guy to shriek like a banshee too…What will it be later I will think up just a bit later…What do you think about this film idea?

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