“…Well who are you?”
“I am part of that force, I always want to do evil, but always am kind.”

This proposal is the beginning of the novel “The Master and Margarita.” The story in the novel alternates with two levels of narration. The first one is the level of integration of reality and fantasy, and the other is the level of integration of history and legend. The novel organically combines two levels through the ingenious switching of time and space.

The perfect combination of history, reality and magic

In a scene by the pond, Berlioz and poet Ivan Bezdomny discussed if the world really existed in God, and together they thought that God did not exist. However, a foreign tourist immediately approached them; and it was that man who opened the curtain of the whole magical and realistic satirical story. A passer-by accurately predicted the place and cause of Berlioz’s death and prophesied that the chairman had already died. Frightened, Ivan returned to the literary association to try to clarify the situation, but everyone considered him mentally ill. He was sent to a hospital. Furthermore amazing and wonderful stories are shown, including a large black cat that could magically speak with a human voice, etc.


Woland, the incarnation of Evil forces in a mystic foreigner, and his entourage came to Moscow and conned people playing different roles: professors, translators, waiters and other personalities using magic — to turn the whole of Moscow upside down. They punished the hypocrisy, greed, lust, vanity and cowardice of the Soviet world. There are many literary works that shape the image of the Lord of Darkness. Usually he always looks terrible, kills countless people, brings harsh and bloody evil, is the enemy of God, being a synonym for hell, but the Dark Lord in ‘The Master and Margarita’ is different. The paradoxical actions of the Demon’s King, described by Bulgakov, carry an ironically positive goal.

Master and great love of Margarita

The main character in this novel is the Master, an unfortunate writer. He writes a novel about Pilate and Jesus. The manuscript was edited and was smashed to smithereens by a Soviet critic. At the same time, he was criticized by the publisher. He could not stand the blow and disappointment. The manuscript was burned, the Master was sent to a hospital. The disappearance of the Master made Margarita fall into despair. Margarita signed an agreement with the Dark Lord to see the Master. Her love for the Master touched the Lord of Darkness as well. He decided to help the Master, and allowed him and Margarita to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the Soviet world.

History in history

The novel also echoes the legend of the crucifixion of Jesus. The ancient Roman ruler Pilate yielded to the arguments of the high priest. The law sentenced innocent Jesus to death. The Lord of Darkness passed the fate of the Master to Pilate and the man was released. Ironically, a person who can point to a cruel ancient Roman ruler cannot control his own destiny and cannot allow society to accept someone who is pure and kind.

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